: a few favorites from 2012 :

When the year comes to and end,  I love to fill my blog & website with my favorite images throughout the year. This year, I wanted to do it with a little twist. I asked my clients of 2012 to choose the favorite photo from their session and tell me why.  As I am reading all the responses, I am literally smiling from ear-to-ear, and my heart is unbelieveably happy. There is nothing more satisfying about my job then to see happy clients. Each of you have made my YEAR!

I definitely feel blessed to have met and documented so many wonderful couples, new precious babies, growing little ones, and sweet families.  I can’t wait for what 2013 has in store! Thank you to all those who have followed + supported morgan due photography  this far…please feel free to leave us a comment to let us know what you think!

You were able to catch special moments for our family through her pictures from literally the day our daughter, Paisley was born. This picture caught the two main joys in my life. I rodeoed growing up and it was a huge part of my life, having you capture this photo of joy from our daughter along with one of the horses means more than I could ever imagine. Photography isn’t about how great a picture is at that moment but its about wha tthat memory will mean to you years down the road. This is definitely one of those memories we will hold dear to our heart.    – Brett Luna
This by far one of my favorite pictures of Nathan and I from our wedding. It shows how truly happy we are and were that day.  I am so blessed and forever THANKFUL that you were able to capture it!! This was right before we did our first look and he was about to see me for the first time all “decked out” in my bride gear! Thank you so much! I will always be able to look at this picture and remember all the happy moments we had that day, the moments we are making now, and look forward to our happy moments in the future!!
Grateful- Amy Bruner
Oh Morgan just one really!!! LOL Well I chose this  one because it captures Kyllie’s innocence so well and her shy personality.
You  worked great with her and she just took to you so well. We got some great photos that day! Can’t wait to do another one <3 Minnie Walker
Choosing this picture was very difficult for me because I think all of the pictures and memories that you have captured of my family are my favorite! This picture reminds me of how sweet and innocent that not just my child but any child is. It reminds me that when you think you have problems or you are having a terrible day, that it could always be worse! It reminds me to count my blessings and to thank God for such an amazingly healthy gift! Thank you Morgan for allowing me to keep precious memories of my sweet family! I look forward to you capturing many more as we add a new addition to our family!  – Raegan Williamson
I have soooo many favorites from 2012, but this one tops my list. You always capture the best moments….and never give up until you get them.
Your amazing and will always be our photographer:)   – Jesica Graham
I love this photo because it shows that special moments can happen anywhere and anytime , I still remember changing his clothes for the next outfit and you stoping me telling me to freeze, who would have known that picture at that moment would have been perfect and a time to remover 😉    – Kimberli Mettlen
Do you know how hard it is to choose my favorite!?

 I absolutely love having you take our photographs, words can not describe the images that you capture on film. The patience and determination you put into your photography to make sure that you get just the right “look” is what makes you stand out among others. It is not easy to photograph a 3 year old and 1 year old, but you do it with the slightest of ease, making the finished results look effortless. This picture proves all that I’ve described, you easily captured all the sweetness and innocence of Paislee. I can’t wait to have you shoot my kids again!   – Aubree Tamez
One of my favorite pics from this year.  You captured Allies facial expression at just the right moment.  Thanks so much for capturing all of her milestones this year:)  – Lia Frost
 Although I love all my wedding photos, I feel that our engagements show more of our personality! This has to be one of my favs, because its genuine and real. It shows both of our best features. I remember when you were shooting this shot, you said “OMG, y’all are the prettiest couple, like a black Barbie and Ken!” We enjoyed that day to the fullest and we love your work. You truly captured our true feelings! Love, Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Hart
I have so many “favorites” but I have attatched my top picks! Thank you so much for all that you do, capturing great moments and most of all great memories! We love using you, one, because no matter the situation (chicken pox, hand foot and mouth disease or anything) you still make everything look flawless! Not only are you kind and sweet, but you are so patient even when my little toot wont cooperate, which is most of the time! You always have time to “squeeze” me in at the last minute and it is so appreciated beyond belief! Thank you so much for everything you do and I cant wait to see what great ideas you have instore for 2013!
Thanks so much! – Kaley Bearden
It was extremely hard to pick a favorite photo from our session.  Each photo had it’s own amazing qualities.  This photo shows the pure innocence of my girls.  It captures not only childhood but sisterhood at it’s finest moment.  It shows the joy, happiness, and a bond that is only found between siblings.  We enjoyed our session and look forward to many more amazing sessions from Morgan.  – Jaimee Varner
One day I came across Morgan Due Photography, that day I fell in love with your work! I knew at that moment I would use you to take pictures of my every day blessing, my daughter, Cameryn. This day is always hard for mothers when their babies turn 1. Morgan you made this day special for me because I can look back and remember this very same day…4 in the afternoon, a30 min nap, in a lot on the side of the road in Lufkin. Cameryn running from us, and some times succeeded lol. I haven’t had many more pictures taken because I have 2 boys that refuse pictures but I will continue to use you for all of her birthday pictures. She will be 2 on February 11 so we will see you soon! Thank you for all your hard work, patience, and creativity you dedicate to each and every customer.
Morgan has been taking my families pictures for 3 years. Your always coming up with new unique ideas for props and locations. Every photoshot is unique and different. As I was looking through my photo album trying to find a favorite I discovered it is impossible to have just one favorite. Ever picture you have taken is amazing. My children love getting to do photoshots with you and your always so patient with them.   -Brandi Ponder
Morgan, I don’t think you realize just how difficult it is to pick one picture to be my favorite.  I love them all!  But, following your instructions, I narrowed it down to this one.  I absolutely love how you captured this moment in our lives.  So innocent and sweet!  You have a true gift!! I highly recommend you and your work to anyone looking to capture special mile stones in their lives!  Look forward to many more sessions with you in the future!  <3 Lauren & Lynley
Oh, girl!!!!!! There are so dang many. It’s so hard to choose!!! I love every bit of ur work, and its impossible to pick an ultimate favorite!!! – Ashley Alexander
This is my favorite photo because I love love love the photo and I loved how you were able to capture my daughter. She’s a tad difficult to photograph because she was only 2 at the time and she absolutely adored you. You were so playful with her and made the session fun. To this day, when I get my camera out, she still says “I see Dora!”   – Abby Lawrence
I love the background, the couch, the road, and how you have us sitting.. It’s just perfect! We loved shooting with you. You have great props, ideas and made our photo shoot fun and comfortable! — Jordan Nutt
It was really hard to pick a favorite. Between the whole family, you have done 5 photoshoots in 2012.:)I love this picture because it captures a true moment of pure happiness. What kid doesn’t love rolling around on the ground with melted strawberry icecream dripping down their fingers?  You always know how to make Brooke laugh. No fake smiles. Only pure joy!    – Sabrina Sutherland
This is my favorite picture of Cage because if you look closely you can see the image of you taking the picture in his eyes.
 Didn’t realize it until I had it blown up onto a canvas but when I saw it I immediately knew this would always be my favorite!:)– Kasey Eby
As I read your message I had no dout of which picture I wanted to share. This picture holds a special place in my heart:)not only was it on my wedding day that makes it special it is my brother to a T. I miss him more and More each and everyday and I have you to thank for capturing this picture of Trey. Not many people will get this picture but everyone that knew him know this is so him.. Peace sign and his big smile:)I cherish this picture since its really the only good picture that I have of him before  he passed away which was a month later. Thank you Morgan for all the awesome work you’ve done with all of the sessions we have had, but I thank you so much for capturing this picture of Trey Dawg.     -Brittany B. Daniel
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