Another, New year/New Me post! I know everyoneeee loves them Here it is!
As all years go, 2014 had moments that were both beautiful and bittersweet. This year, I’m grateful for the ride. I’m grateful that you were a part of it, even if just by stopping by to see what’s going on @ Morgan Due Photography!
I like examining my past year and making a list of things I’d like to fix and setting goals – ooooooh, I loooooove goals, striving for a change and creating new habits. In 2014 I have come to realize I am not Houdini, I cannot try to be three people anymore. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Things had to change. I closed the boutique doors, and took less photography clients than I ever have this year. I could never give up photography but it also became apparent that I could indeed slow down and refocus my life to living again.
It is a new year! A new lease on life. I’ve made a game plan that number one benefits me and my family and my career. I don’t feel the stranglehold of the industry telling me what I should do and be because again, I ain’t got time for that. I have one opportunity to live this life and I am going to do it. That means rolling with punches & accepting change!

I can’t wait for a fresh start @ Morgan Due Photography and I’m sooooo happy to be back To roll in the new year, I will be doing a give-a-way! You have a chance to win FREE mini session just by sharing & liking this photo! Don’t forget to like {Morgan due photography} as well!
Winner will be announced 01.01.15!

~Every end is just a new beginning. Keep your spirits and determination unshaken and you shall always walk the glory road. With courage, faith and efforts you shall conquer everything you desire.~